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Paper Copy Cultural Choice 100% Recycled Carbon Neutral A4, 80Gsm White

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Story of the painting© - Illustration painted by Fletcher Watson
Australia’s First Nations people would travel across trading routes, song lines, and sacred pathways which would guide them and connect Indigenous groups and clans throughout the entire landscape of Australia.

A thriving economy existed through people trading their goods for items they did not have.

Fletcher's artwork depicts Australia's Indigenous trade that has existed for many thousands of years and continues today. For Fletcher, this continues through the trade of the Cultural Choice product range to customers.

The blue colours represent the ocean and water surrounding Australia and the earth colours represent the vast land, people would travel across. The footprints represent the many journeys heading back and forth to the meeting places where people would gather to trade and exchange goods such as boomerangs, clapping sticks, baskets, food, and much more.

The meeting place is a safe, respectful cultural place where people would connect, eat, share stories, dance, and learn from one and other.

Cultural Choice will support programs and initiatives that inspire knowledge and learning and that will provide Indigenous children the opportunity to choose a future without limitation.

By promoting cultural understanding and through the sharing and connection of cultures, Cultural Choice will provide opportunities for all children to grow and learn from each other.

  • A high quality recycled A4 copy paper for all your needs 155 CIE whiteness This product is FSC® certified
  • This product is Carbon Neutral / Offset
  • This product is Blue Angel certified and Supply Nation certified - by purchasing this product you are supporting Indigenous business
  • 80gsm
  • 500 sheets per ream Sales unit - Box of 5 reams
  • What’s so special about our Paper and why does your choice matter?
    100% Recycled and FSC certified Australian post-consumer waste
  • Your choice is helping divert waste from Australian landfill
  • Australian Made in a state-of-the-art Australian Paper facility in Victoria
  • Your choice is supporting the Australian economy, providing local green manufacturing jobs and offsetting the environmental costs of importing paper from overseas
  • Saves resources: recycled paper uses less energy and less water in the production process and keeps paper as a natural resource in circulation for as long as possible
  • Bright White environmentally friendly paper
  • Your choice means you get high quality printing with great environmental performance